Increasing your Revenue with Email Marketing

email marketing

Does email marketing still make sense?

With the advent of social media we often talk about email dying a slow death. But this is just media propaganda. Email is only becoming stronger, robust and omnipresent. In today’s scenario marketing initiatives on social media could end up being very expensive and the results are often not guaranteed and at times marketers miss the target audience by a huge margin. Though social media marketing is a subset of a potent digital marketing strategy it is important to understand that these platforms have their own limitations. The chances of getting in front of the right target audience and making them take an action is becoming more and more difficult, not to mention a change in the platform algorithm could turn your digital marketing strategy topsy turvy.

In addition to that your target audiences on the social media platforms are constantly bombarded by countless number messages and posts. His attention span could be really short, which means your messages and campaigns could be lost in the whole noise crowd and you might totally miss to reach your target audiences.

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