How a bucket list bootcamp helped me start a company

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I had lots of ideas with me to solve various interesting business problems but the lack of knowledge to code posed as a huge entry barrier. I was not able to give shape to my ideas not to mention develop a proof of concept. This is when I heard about a bucket list bootcamp organised by Kiruba. It was mid 2013. To this day I’m not sure why I attended it. At the time I did not know what good, a bucket list bootcamp could do to me?

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Exceed Guests’ Expectations with Mobility and Big Data

Software for long has just been an accounting system. Technology has moved from a client server based setup to 100% cloud but still the software and its usage has not caught up. They have for long been a deep hole which consumed lots of information and once billing has been done the data is forgotten forever. Most hotels in India and elsewhere are sitting on massive amounts of data, which can help them understand their guest behaviour and performances, increase their yield, increase food and beverage sales.

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