Launching our new product – Geedesk

lanching new software Geedesk

I’m excited to announce that today we have launched our new software called Geedesk.

Geedesk is an intelligent complain management software for the hospitality industry especially hotels and resorts.

Geedesk runs on default automated mode and this makes the complain management and resolution process very efficient as there is very little human intervention.

Following are the benefits of Geedesk:

  • Complains automatically assigned to respective experts in the shift.
  • Dynamic and user defined service level escalation upto 4 levels.
  • Intelligent insights to analyse major issues in the property.
  • Predictive intelligence to predict issues and insights linked to guests.
  • Detailed reports to analyse the issues and guest satisfaction levels.

If you are a hotel or a resort and are interested in trying out Geedesk please free to signup for a 14 day trial.