Got rejected by YC

ycombinator rejection email

Got an email from Y Combinator (YC) today which said that our application has been rejected. We are still working on building Geedesk and hopefully getting rejected by YC will not affect our growth.


Internation Programmers Day

We at Geedesk wishes all programmers a great life and a happy future.

Happy Programmers Day Greetings


Happy Teachers Day

happy teachers day

New Geedesk Demo Video

Geedesk has evolved a lot since we launched hence it was time for us to record a new demo. We hope you find the new demo useful.


If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to sales (at) geedesk (dot) com.

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SMS Issue in Geedesk – What happened?

geedesk monitoring

One fine morning a huge chunk of our users from India stopped receiving important SMS alerts. Worst part was we were not tracking this metric on our monitoring dashboard and to be honest, we found out about this from increasing customer support tickets. This indeed is very embarrassing but, I believe its a good learning for us as a whole.

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