An exciting year! Geedesk in 2017

promising new year for geedesk

The end of a year is a time for reflection and making plans for the future. We at Geedesk are also doing the same. 2017 was a wonderful year for us. It was the year Geedesk was born.

As end of 2017 is fast approaching we thought of putting together some of the most interesting and memorable product updates, blog articles and interesting events in Geedesk.

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Improved Insights and more in Geedesk – November Update

geedesk intelligent insights reports


November has been an exciting month for us as we have added loads of features in Geedesk in addition to fixing some known bugs.

OTP for improved security

Admins can now enable or enforce two step authentication for their users. Users have the option of enabling or disabling this setting on when the Admin has allowed it. Users cannot make changes to this setting if the Admin has enforced two step authentication.

If two step authentication is enabled for a user account, the user has to enter a one time password delivered to his cell phone as an sms in addition to his / her username and password.

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Why hotels need a complaint management software

hotel guest complaints

Managing guest complaints and requests effectively is very important for hotels as it depends on the guests being happy or unhappy. If the guest is happy he is going to become a loyal customer. If not he is going to become an irritated netizen who is going to post negative reviews in every website which will remain visible for ever.

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Geedesk Cyber Monday 2017 Offer

geedesk cyber monday 2017

All sign ups from 21, November 2017 to 27 November 2017 midnight will get an additional six months of subscription free.

This means that if you sign up for Geedesk till 27 November 2017 and decide to start the billing under annual plan, then your first year billing cycle would be for 18 months at the cost of 12 months.

You can reach out to us at in case you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help you.


Why hotels should adopt cloud

cloud service providers

According to a survey conducted by, 22% of the hotels in 2015, were already planning to migrate to the cloud from on-premises technology in the next 18 months. A new and updated report from 2017 reveals that cloud-based systems aren’t a priority for majority of hotels anymore, because they have already moved to the cloud. In fact, cloud technology is no longer a strategic goal for hotels, it’s now an operating standard.

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