Why hotels should adopt cloud

cloud service providers

According to a survey conducted by hospitalitytech.com, 22% of the hotels in 2015, were already planning to migrate to the cloud from on-premises technology in the next 18 months. A new and updated report from 2017 reveals that cloud-based systems aren’t a priority for majority of hotels anymore, because they have already moved to the cloud. In fact, cloud technology is no longer a strategic goal for hotels, it’s now an operating standard.

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Why we built GeeNet?

geedesk internal testing tool geenet

What is GeeNet?

GeeNet is a tool that we use internally to record and document test cases before every pre-prod and prod deployments. With GeeNet our dev team and testing work collaboratively in testing every new feature and bug fixes.

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Got rejected by YC

ycombinator rejection email

Got an email from Y Combinator (YC) today which said that our application has been rejected. We are still working on building Geedesk and hopefully getting rejected by YC will not affect our growth.


What’s new with Geedesk – October product update

geedesk dashboard

October has been an interesting month for our product team as we have been working extra hard to launch new features in Geedesk.

Following are the list of new features that we have deployed to Geedesk this month.

Keyboard shortcuts

View VIP Alerts

See resolved by in resolved tickets

See deleted by in deleted tickets

Ticket transition/flow details

Create support tickets

Please feel free to get in touch with us in case of any questions at support@geedesk.com.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Geedesk

keyboard shortcuts in geedesk

With the new keyboard shortcuts in Geedesk you will now find working with tickets much more easier. Our power users like operators and front office executives will find it helpful to work with Geedesk. You can now navigate across Geedesk with keyboard shortcuts and also update tickets with simple key combinations.

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