Geedesk + Google Home = Increased guest satisfaction

Ever since Sundar Pichai gave a talk on Google Assistant at Google I/O 2018, a lot of industries have been wondering on how it could be useful to them.hotel guest complaints with google home on geedesk

From the hospitality industry’s perspective this could be very useful in offering our guests a personalised service. 

We are excited to announce that we have now integrated Geedesk with Google Home and Google Assistant to make it easy for the guests to raise his/her requests and complaints.

With Google Home in place the guests do not have to call the respective departments and the departments do not have to create the ticket.

As the guest talks to the speaker (Google Home) the Google Assistant (a voice robot) in the background gets into action and starts talking back to the guest.

It is capable enough to understand the guest requests and create a ticket in Geedesk.

You can watch the following video to understand how this works.

Google Home can also be configured to answer a number of other  queries like the local weather, places of interest around the hotel or in the city etc. 


It can also be integrated with services like  Netflix and Gana to offer on demand video and audio experience  respectively to the guests in the comfort of their rooms.


This feature is available out of the box for all our existing customers.


Google is also making Google Assistant as a default app in all android devices. This gives hotels the option to enable the guests to use the Google Assistant app on their mobile devices to raise requests and complaints.

In an ideal scenario the guests can pick up their smartphones and start asking for requests or make complaints.



The underlying technology for both Google Assistant mobile app and Google Home is the same and they can be centrally configured and managed using a single dashboard.

Krishnan Sethuraman

Founder & CEO at Geedesk SaaS Entrepreneur, Passionate about building businesses that impact the world in small ways.