Feeling grateful to the women in my life – Part 1

grateful women in my life


I have been wanting to write this article for quite a long time now but somehow the could not get hold of words punch on the keyboard. May be I had a writer’s block or may be I was not sure if I should write this. In a nutshell I wanted to thank all the women who had played an important role in my life. Why only the women and not the men might be a question. I would say that another blog article in the near future. I consider myself lucky and strongly feel to have been blessed by God to have women play an important part in my life.


My father’s job took him to various cities in India and his family followed him. We used to constantly travel with him to various cities. This was fun in the beginning but as the years went by it started affecting our lives. We would spend four years in a city and then migrate to another city for the next four years. This gave us (me and my sisters) the literary skills to speak in multiple Indian languages and to understand the diverse culture of the Indian sub-continent. However there was also a flip side to it.

We did not have a strong social life or good friends in any of the cities (there is an exception to this). This meant we at a very young age had to go through the stress and difficulty of adjusting to different cultures and life style and had to create new contacts and friends in every city. Sometimes this was a cake walk and most of the time this was an unknown path.

Once I completed high school my parents decided that the kids needed a more stable environment and hence my parents decided to live in different cities. Today that I’m married I know how difficult it must have been on my parents part to take this decision. My father would continue travelling to different corners of the country while me and my sisters would live under the supervision of my mother in our native place (Pondicherry). My father would visit us few times a year and on public holidays. According to them they had to make this sacrifice in order to ensure that me and my sisters had a stable atmosphere to grow up.

This was predominantly the reason that my Mother single handedly played a major role in how my character shaped up in my early teens. I can proudly say that by being brought up by a strong woman has taught me some really important values in life like women are equal to men, respecting women the way they deserve, it is completely fine for my wife can earn more than me, its okay for men to cry.

Today with me being an adult I understand the benefits of these teachings and how it has shaped my single adult life and my married life. I feel so grateful to the woman who taught me such values, “MY MOTHER”.


I married very young. In fact out of friend circle I had the shortest earning bachelor life. I was 23 and my wife was 22. The entrepreneurial bug caught me a few months into my marriage. I used to dream about starting my own company and would spend my evenings making a list of possible businesses that I could start. The list contained everything from selling gadgets and home appliances online to starting a coffee shop But I was naive at the time and did not posses any business acumen. I made up the difference by reading lots of books. Once we had our first kid I decided to leave my job and start my first company. From that time till today I have faced lots of ups and downs and my wife has had my back like a rock. Every time I fall down she should pick me up, motivate me and help me regain my confidence and assure me that she trusts me and my ability. This would seem poetical but on any given shitty day these words are all that’s required for me to bounce back on my legs. These words have been on of the main reasons for me to get up everyday and keep moving.

Building a company required a lot of non monetary investments. Things like time away from wife and kids. Inspite of my hard work most of these startups did not go well. The end result did not deter my wife and she always encouraged me to do what I liked and what I was passionate about. At times it was difficult to make ends meet and we used to struggle to meet our expenses for daughter’s school fees, grocery, milk and so on and during such times my wife’s encouragement were the predominantly the reason I kept going.

with love,


Krishnan Sethuraman

Founder & CEO at Geedesk SaaS Entrepreneur, Passionate about building businesses that impact the world in small ways.