Exceed Guests’ Expectations with Mobility and Big Data

Software for long has just been an accounting system. Technology has moved from a client server based setup to 100% cloud but still the software and its usage has not caught up. They have for long been a deep hole which consumed lots of information and once billing has been done the data is forgotten forever. Most hotels in India and elsewhere are sitting on massive amounts of data, which can help them understand their guest behaviour and performances, increase their yield, increase food and beverage sales.

Mobile Devices for Employees

Employees and hotel staffs normally do not have a desk or a computer assigned to them, so mobile devices are the best fit here. A mobile device will empower employees to be mobile and have access to information that matters.

A product like Geedesk (sorry for being a shameless plug) lets your employees to manage the guest requests and complaints on the go. If integrated with your hotel management software Geedesk can also offer intelligent insights into guest behaviour and preferences which can be very helpful while responding to guest requests and complaints.

With GMessage employees can also communicate with each other easily. To put GMessage in perspective, it is a  whatsapp like communication platform.

Data Analytics for Efficient Yield Management

Yield management is a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits. – Wikipedia. 

In plain english it is the art of deriving the right pricing for the right guest. Which means different guests can have different pricing for the same room. This could be based on a lot of influencing factors like the lifetime value of the guests etc.

Data with the hotel CRM / guest booking software could be a potent source of information for this source. Data from the booking system combined with data from other systems like spa bookings and restaurant orders can be used to predict the guests life tie value.

For example a guest who spends 1000 dollars in a single stay could be on a vacation and might not be a regular guest but on the other hand a guest who spends roughly 500 dollars and does not splurge on spa and restaurant could be a business traveller and if served well, could be converted into a repeat customer and their by the hotel is tend to earn more from the latter.

Intelligent Complaint or Request Management System

Hotels have implemented a complaint management system since ancient times. In fact globally complaint manage system is the only module which hotels have documented well. Guests preferences have changed a lot in the last decade, however not much has changed with complaint management softwares. They are the same decade old tools with client server architecture which is a system that accounts guest complaints and requests and escalates them.

However this data could be a treasure trove of information which can help hotels improve their customer support teams.

For example: If the food and beverages department has a higher average resolution time then probably they are understaffed. On the other hand if the average resolution time is within acceptable threshold limit but the complaints count is high then may be they need better training or the F&B manager can intervene and understand the frequent guest complaints which can then be used to stage an intervention for a planned targeted training.

Geedesk makes it really easy for stakeholders to analyse the complaints and requests for timely intervention (please accept my apologies for being a shameless plug once again). In addition to taking care of all the must haves in the complaint management software, it also enables guests to raise complaints or requests from a smartphone or tablet and employees on the other hand can respond to the complaints and requests from their mobile devices. Managers and department heads can get escalation alerts on their mobile devices.

Engaging Guests

Engaging existing guests while they are in property is very important. Guests could be provided with a mobile device pre-loaded with the right engagements need to mean bombarding them with marketing messages. Guests can be  handed over a mobile device at the time of check-in. The guest can use this mobile device to order room service, raise complaints, give feedbacks to resolved complaints or completed requests.

Based on the guests ordering preferences and spending behaviour we can create a guest persona which could then be used to market the right services with a possible attractive discount.

For example: A business traveller might need a good spa session after a long day of meetings and the moment he/she returns to the hotel in the evening, hotels can send a push notification about their in house spa services. This could be automated with data analytics.

In addition to this guests can he the mobile device to make important phone calls and this relieves the guests from the need to get a local sim which in certain countries like India is tremendously difficult.


With data analytics and intelligent cloud based tools like Geedesk it can be easy to implement a robust data driven smart system in the hands of employees and guests. However at times a huge change could be intimidating. The secret to a successful technology adoption is to choose the right technology partner and to implement the modules in phases.

If you have any questions, please do reach out to us at support@geedesk.com.