Launching our new product – Geesurvey

lanching new software Geesurvey

I’m excited to announce that today we have launched our second software called Geesurvey.

Geesurvey is a cloud based guest feedback and survey software for hotels. It helps you automate and digitise your guest feedbacks and surveys.

Geesurvey is 100% on the cloud and is 100% customisable to fit your needs and requirements.

Following are the benefits of Geesurvey:

  • 100% on the cloud and hence does not require any expensive hardware or software to run.
  • Customise your own feedback form.
  • Supports multiple feedback forms.
  • Supports integration with your hotel or property management software for easy feedback collection.

If you are a hotel or a resort and are interested in trying out Geesurvey please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to offer Geesurvey with absolutely free for 30 days.

Migrating away from manual guest call logs

guest calls front office image

The problem with manual logs

Hotels have a process of maintaining manual call logs for every call that gets made by the guests. They follow this process to maintain  records of all the incoming guest calls. This manual log then helps the employees to track and monitor the guest complaints and requests as they progress. Now though this appears to be a pretty straight forward process in reality that’s not the case.

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Feeling grateful to the women in my life – Part 1

grateful women in my life


I have been wanting to write this article for quite a long time now but somehow the could not get hold of words punch on the keyboard. May be I had a writer’s block or may be I was not sure if I should write this. In a nutshell I wanted to thank all the women who had played an important role in my life. Why only the women and not the men might be a question. I would say that another blog article in the near future. I consider myself lucky and strongly feel to have been blessed by God to have women play an important part in my life.

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