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We understand that filters could be very useful in generating and sorting the reports and data to help you focus on the desired piece of information. To make the reports more useful to you we have added new filters in explore tickets and custom reports.

Filters in explore tickets

categories filter explore tickets geedesk

In explore tickets you can now filter down the results in terms of categories (or departments). This comes in handy for multi-department managers and general managers to see the ticket volume on different days and different time frames.

Filters in custom reports

Since the day it was launched custom reports have always been an integral part of our customers’ operations. Most of our customers generate the reports with the custom reports feature before their morning status call and that becomes the reference point for the meeting. To make things more useful for our customers we have now added “room based filter” and “categories (department) based filter” in custom reports.

custom report room filter

custom report categories filter

With this  users can now generate custom reports for certain rooms or categories (departments) or both.

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geedesk explore tickets

Last week we launched Explore Tickets in Geedesk. You can find the new option under the Home menu on the side bar. Explore tickets can be viewed by admins, managers, operators and other employees.


geedesk intelligent insights reports


November has been an exciting month for us as we have added loads of features in Geedesk in addition to fixing some known bugs.

OTP for improved security

Admins can now enable or enforce two step authentication for their users. Users have the option of enabling or disabling this setting on when the Admin has allowed it. Users cannot make changes to this setting if the Admin has enforced two step authentication.

If two step authentication is enabled for a user account, the user has to enter a one time password delivered to his cell phone as an sms in addition to his / her username and password.


geedesk property dashboard

What is Geedesk Property Dashboard?

Property Dashboard in Geedesk helps you to track, monitor and analyse the performance of all your properties on a single dashboard.

To put things in perspective let us imagine that you have Geedesk running on multiple properties in the same city or different geographical location. In this scenario it might be difficult for the corporate office to monitor, track and analyse each and every property and their performance. Geedesk’s property dashboard makes it easier.


geedesk dashboard

October has been an interesting month for our product team as we have been working extra hard to launch new features in Geedesk.

Following are the list of new features that we have deployed to Geedesk this month.

Keyboard shortcuts

View VIP Alerts

See resolved by in resolved tickets

See deleted by in deleted tickets

Ticket transition/flow details

Create support tickets

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