Single Sign On – Property Dashboard [New Feature]


geedesk property dashboard

Property dashboard is helpful in monitoring the performance of all your properties from the single dashboard in realtime. We understand that at times logging into property dashboard might be time consuming for you as a user. To address this we have now launched single sign on (sso) with Geedesk. Now any account that has an active property dashboard account can easily view their property dashboard from the settings on the top right hand side. This negates the need to login into property dashboard everytime.

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Property dashboard

Migrating away from manual guest call logs

guest calls front office image

The problem with manual logs

Hotels have a process of maintaining manual call logs for every call that gets made by the guests. They follow this process to maintain  records of all the incoming guest calls. This manual log then helps the employees to track and monitor the guest complaints and requests as they progress. Now though this appears to be a pretty straight forward process in reality that’s not the case.

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