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Does email marketing still make sense?

With the advent of social media we often talk about email dying a slow death. But this is just media propaganda. Email is only becoming stronger, robust and omnipresent. In today’s scenario marketing initiatives on social media could end up being very expensive and the results are often not guaranteed and at times marketers miss the target audience by a huge margin. Though social media marketing is a subset of a potent digital marketing strategy it is important to understand that these platforms have their own limitations. The chances of getting in front of the right target audience and making them take an action is becoming more and more difficult, not to mention a change in the platform algorithm could turn your digital marketing strategy topsy turvy.


We understand that filters could be very useful in generating and sorting the reports and data to help you focus on the desired piece of information. To make the reports more useful to you we have added new filters in explore tickets and custom reports.

Filters in explore tickets

categories filter explore tickets geedesk

In explore tickets you can now filter down the results in terms of categories (or departments). This comes in handy for multi-department managers and general managers to see the ticket volume on different days and different time frames.

Filters in custom reports

Since the day it was launched custom reports have always been an integral part of our customers’ operations. Most of our customers generate the reports with the custom reports feature before their morning status call and that becomes the reference point for the meeting. To make things more useful for our customers we have now added “room based filter” and “categories (department) based filter” in custom reports.

custom report room filter

custom report categories filter

With this  users can now generate custom reports for certain rooms or categories (departments) or both.

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In my Geedesk sales meetings with hoteliers I have come across one common objection and that is “We do not allow our employees to use smartphone during work hours”. Though this might sound like an amazing strategy, but in my opinion this is a counter productive policy.


geedesk explore tickets

Last week we launched Explore Tickets in Geedesk. You can find the new option under the Home menu on the side bar. Explore tickets can be viewed by admins, managers, operators and other employees.


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The problem with manual logs

Hotels have a process of maintaining manual call logs for every call that gets made by the guests. They follow this process to maintain  records of all the incoming guest calls. This manual log then helps the employees to track and monitor the guest complaints and requests as they progress. Now though this appears to be a pretty straight forward process in reality that’s not the case.