10 Facts about hotels no one told you about !

Travel, tourism and hospitality plays a very crucial role in today’s business economy. Marked as a home away from home, experience at the hotel is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of travel. It is all about relaxation, peace and harmony, especially when it comes to vacations. In this article, we will present to you some of the interesting facts about the hotels across the globe.


first world hotel


1.   “First World Hotel” located in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia holds the Guinness World Records for the largest hotel in the world with a whopping 7351 rooms.  The hotel is managed by First World hotels and resorts Sdn Bhd, which also manages the Resorts World Genting where the hotel has been constructed. The second largest hotel is The Palazzo and The Venetian located in the Las Vegas strip. It has 7117 rooms located on a 53 storied building. MGM Grand and The Signature hotels with a combined total of 6852 rooms holds the record for third largest hotel in the world. Las Vegas has 26 of the world’s top 100 largest hotels. That is roughly 1/4th of all the largest hotels in the world.

the gevora hotel

2. The world’s tallest hotel spanning 356 meters was opened in Dubai last year with 528 rooms.  The Gevora Hotel situated at the heart of the United Arab Emirates at the Sheikh Zayed Road has 75 floors and holds the Guinness World Record at present.  It took a whopping 12 years to build it at a cost of US$140 million.

3.  A surprising fact released by the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum, Washington D.C., states that Indian-Americans in America own half of America’s motels. Out of these, 70% of them are from Gujarat.  Since 1940’s, a network of motels across America’s cities and highways were built and managed by Indian-Americans. They built it from scratch, manage it well and were instrumental in bringing their friends, family members and extended families across generations. The significant contributions of such Gujarati motel owners were explored and a photographic tour is now available for public view at the Natural History Museum under the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s exhibition – “Beyond Bollywood: Indian American’s Shape the Nation”.

4.  A study conducted by Exterion Media in London found out that more than 73% of guests preferred to choose a hotel with wifi than the one which does not offer it . This is significantly higher than those who opted hotels for other facilities like air conditioning or swimming pool. Similarly, another survey by hotelier Roomzz found that 65% of the guests who checked-in to the hotel logged into wifi within the next seven minutes. 1/3rd of all guests requested for wifi password when they were checking-in.


oldest hotel in the world in japan


5.  Guinness book of world records certifies “Koshu Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan” as the world’s most historical inn.   Located at the South Japanese Alps in Yamanashi Prefecture, this hotel is built more than 1300 years before – around 705 AD. Fujiwara Mahito founded the inn and his family is managing it traditionally for over 50 generations now. The hotel is located in a secluded place deep in the mountains of the Kai region and the nearby hot spring directly flows into this hotel without interruption – to be used by the inn-mates.

6.  There are no hotels within the Vatican City.  Travelers and pilgrims visiting the Vatican City should only stay outside of the city – may be in St. Peters Square or somewhere nearby in Italy. Another place where there are no hotels available is Antarctica. The whole continent has just one lodging facility which is called as White Desert. This is more of a luxury camp having only six suites and is closed throughout the year except for November and December.

7. Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry a few years back with its bed and breakfast model making the hospitality sector much more competitive. It enabled small hotels, inns, lodges and even house owners to monetize the excess inventory (including their unused bedrooms / halls etc.). The properties listed on Airbnb becomes part of sharing economy and hence they don’t necessarily have to comply with the regulations related to traditional hotels.

8. Another disruption that is happening in the industry is the emergence of asset-light model of hotel management. Under this model, the hotel chain will take over a specific stake in some of the hotels (could be in tier 1, 2 or tier 3 cities) but the hotel management will continue to operate on their own. The model works on management contracts for a specific period of time during which the large player under its banner may infuse funds for restructuring, re-engineering and revamping the hotels under contract. Marriott and Accor have successfully implemented this model and the rest of the biggies are following suite.

9.  National Business Research Institute (NBRI) under its employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey found that 60% of all guest reviews about various hotels around the globe are done through tripadvisor.com.  This is 20% higher than the combined reviews present across all of digital and social media channels. Interestingly, more than 78% of companies in the hospitality industry utilize social media specifically for engaging with their customers. The research also found out that more than 70% of the customers book a specific hotel based on the reviews. This clearly shows the importance of customer experience during their stay.


hotel president wilson


10.  The most expensive hotel room in the world is available in Hotel President Wilson, Geneva (Switzerland).  The average price of the Royal Penthouse suite at this hotel is approximately between $61000 to $84000 per night. Beijing and Shanghai are the two cities that boasts of having the most number of hotels in the world with 3505 and 2485 hotels respectively. Both of these cities are considered to be economic and technological hubs with a multicultural ethnicity that attracts businesses as well as travelers from around the world.

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